Efficiency is the motto of the design of these products of character: ARTONVEL studies each element with great attention, from the choice of colors to quality materials and high-tech, through the interior layout and small details that make all the difference.

Patented fastening systems, perfect replicas of airplane loops, and clever with their integrated bottle opener, are a great example!
ARTONVEL leggings combine ergonomics, modern design, practicality, precision and freedom of movement.
They are handcrafted with quality materials such as full grain leather coupled with a technical fabric, making them very resistant and impervious to external aggression.

These choices of materials also guarantee their longevity and the protection of its contents. They are thought to be clever and practical, to the delight of the user who rides the free spirit. All l



Speed, precision mechanics, freedom, these are the terms to define ARTONVEL bracelets!
Its composition: the paracord, an authentic material and an essential element of military aviation, which is a form of nylon weaving.
The bracelets represent more than 3 meters of multi-strand nylon rope, woven in a traditional way.

The detail in +: the bolts that recall the mechanics of the bike and the pleasure that we have to tinker with the machine itself!
Extremely lightweight, in different sizes, and benefiting from ARTONVEL's patented closure buckle, they fit any wrist and any mood.